History of anti-Black Racism in Canadian Schools and Universities

Dr. June Francis, PhD, MBA, LLB, Director, Institute for Diaspora Research & Engagement at SFU.  Dr. Francis will address, discuss, and answer questions on the “History of anti-Black Racism in Canadian Schools and Universities – the significance of the Scarborough Charter for addressing anti-Black racism in Canadian institutions of higher education.”
This talk will explore the ways in which the history of Canadian educational institutions have contributed to persistent and contemporary anti-black racism in the educational system.  Watch now

Dr. Francis’ extensive experience spans the private sector, public sector national, regional and local organizations, as an entrepreneur with civil society on governance boards and as an academic including Co-Founder of The Co-Laboratorio (Colab Advantage Ltd.), Special Advisor to the President of Simon Fraser University on Anti-Racism, Director of the Institute for Diaspora Research and Engagement , Cofounder of the Black Caucus at SFU and an Associate Professor in the Beedie School of Business, Chair of The Hogan’s Alley Society’s Board of Director.
Awards and recognition includes: Province of BC, National Congress of Black Women, City of Vancouver,  recipient of the 2021 Rosemary Brown Award, and Service Award from the Beedie School of Business.