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Welcome to the BC Black History Awareness Society Quiz!

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Here is some info to help you be successful.

  • This quiz has a total of 30 questions with one bonus question. You could score 105 points!
  • First thing to do is to fill in your name which will be printed on the certificate that you can request once you complete the quiz.
  • If you need to take a break from the quiz you can click the “save quiz” button at the top right of the quiz and your progress on the quiz will be saved for when you return to continue the quiz.
  • Please note: The quiz is saved in your computers cache so reloading the quiz will only work when you restart using the same computer.
  • When you come back later you can load your quiz and continue where you left off by clicking the “load quiz” button.
  • Good luck!

Welcome to the BC Black History Awareness Society Quiz