Golden Wedding Anniversary

Charles Alexander and Nancy Carter were married on December 25th, 1849.

b&w professional studio portrait woman standing, man seated. Nancy's hair parted in the centre, pulled back into a bun. Her right hand rests on Charles shoulder. Charles, seated to her right, with his right foot slightly forward wearing a dark suit and vest, his watch chain is visible from his vest pocket. Charles hair is white; he has a moustache and full beard.

This portrait was done for their 60th wedding anniversary.
Direct descendant Karen Hoshal tells us “The long, black heavily petty-coated dress was a common formal dress in colonial times. Because it was black it didn’t show the dirt so much or need to be laundered as often. Because this was a special occasion the under-blouse is white. Women would have under-blouses in different colors such as red, blue, green, yellow or white, which they would wear depending on the occasion.”

Image A-01068 Courtesy of Royal BC Museum and Archives.

They arrived on Vancouver Island in July 1858 aboard the steamship Oregon with 2 children. Nancy would bear 10 more children. On December 15th, 1899 there was a brief announcement in the Colonist (pg. 6) “Mr. and Mrs. Charles Alexander will celebrate their golden wedding anniversary on Christmas day.” Details of the celebration were reported in the Colonist (pg. 5) on December 28, 1899.


Unusual Celebration Held at Lake Hill on Christmas Day

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Alexander, of Lake Hill, formerly of Saanich, who celebrated their golden wedding on Christmas Day, were married in Springfield Illinois, on December 25, 1849. Twelve children were born to them, of whom seven are still living, and they have 21 grandchildren. With the exception of one daughter, all were present at the celebration for which their home was prettily decorated. The couple came to Victoria in 1858 and have since resided on the Island. Among the callers on Monday were: Mr. John Tolmie, the Misses Tolmie, Postmaster and Mrs. Noah Shakespeare, Ald., Mrs. Hayward, Mrs. and Miss Spotts, Mr. P. Spotts Sr. Mr. H. Young, Mr. and Mrs. J. Simpson, Mr. and Mrs. J. Barnswell, Mrs. L.A. Booth, Miss M. Estes, Mr. and Mrs. J. Stuart Yates, Mr. T.W. Pierre, Mr. J.T. Pierre and daughter, Mr. H. King, Mrs. Monk Sr., Mr. and Mrs Monk, Mr. and Mrs. Bamfeld, Mr. H. Carter, Mr. H.D. Helmcken, M.P.P., Miss Maude Goodwin and Mr. D.D. McTavish.

The health of the couple was proposed by Mr. H.D. Helmcken, who congratulated them on the event, one of the few of the kind held in this section of the country. He spoke of the esteem in which they were held and hoped that they would long be spared.

The list of gifts was also reported. Mrs. G.A. McTavish and Mrs. W.R. Higgins, gold belt; Mr. and Mrs. R.T. Clanton, gold ice cream dish; Miss C. Spotts, gold mug; Mrs. Charles Spotts, gold cream jug; Ald. and Mrs. Charles Hayward, gold flower pot; Mr. and Mrs. Newcomb, cake plate and cheque; Mr. T.W. Pierre, gold tea set; Mr. and Mrs. Noah Shakespeare, gold salad spoon; Mr. and Mrs. Barnswell, 2 gold mugs; Mrs. L.A. Booth, 2 gold vases; Mr. and Mrs. S. Carter, butter bowl; Mrs. T. Spotts Sr., gold brooch; Mrs. M. Estes, gold cup and saucer; Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Yates, gold fruit bowls; Mr. and Mrs. Debain, gold spoon; Mr. and Mrs. J. Simpson, vases and stand; Mr. and Mrs. H. King, silk handkerchief and cash; the Misses Tolmie, gold brooch; Mr. John Tolmie, gold cuff buttons; Dr. and Mrs. S.F. Tolmie, gold picture frame; Mr. Herbert Carter, cup and saucer; Mr. and Mrs. H.D. Helmcken, gold spoons; Mr. J.T. Pierre, cheque; Mr. H. Young (Saanich), cheque; Mr. and Mrs. Monk, cheque; Mr. T. Alexander (Thomas Alexander, son), cheque; Mr. and Mrs. D.R. Ker, pincushion; Mrs. A. Scott, pincushion; Mr. and Mrs. Bamfield, cash; Mr. and Mrs. G.W. Anderson, cash.

The evening was spent after a glorious supper in singing and dancing, the merry party not ending up till early hours in the morning.

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