Diverse Histories, Identities, and Experiences

This event was the launch of the report “Worlds Within: Diverse Histories, Identities, and Experiences of Black People of African Ancestry in British Columbia“. The report is the output of the African Ancestry Survey Project, highlighting the diversity of Black people in BC. It shares our stories in our own voice by centering stories of over 160 project participants.
We hope this resource will inspire dialogue around emergent themes and issues including multiculturalism and anti-racism and contribute towards positive social change. The report will be a resource for everyone in British Columbia, and particularly Black communities and those engaged in work around multiculturalism and racial equity. Understanding and acknowledging the diversity of the Black communities is an important step towards building authentic connections. The report will also form part of our historical records.” Alice Mũrage, project lead and author

The report is based on surveys, community engagement and reviews that allowed for a quantitative data collection that gave context to the stories that were shared through the interviews and focus group discussions.  More about this project and access the report