African Ancestry Survey

African Ancestry: Identities and Lived Realities

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The African Ancestry Project is a research and dialogue project which aims at studying and bringing awareness to the identities and lived experiences of Black people of African descent living in British Columbia.

The research component of the project is conducted through a survey, interviews, and focus group discussions.

Findings will be presented in a report which centers the stories of participants but reflects on the identities and experiences of people of African descent. Quantitative data collected through the survey will give context to these stories. The research report will be a resource for the Black community - for understanding the diversity within the community, promoting multi-cultural understanding and racial equity, and will form part of the community’s historical records.

The dialogue component of the project will engage people of African descent as well as the general public on discussions around themes that emerged from the research. This will include engaging on the research findings and exercises to challenge our perceptions and stereotypes based on the findings.

The African Ancestry Project is a one-year project scheduled to conclude with dialogue sessions in February 2021. The project’s report, however, will benefit the Black community as a resource for reference and engagement for years to come.

Participate in the project’s survey by clicking HERE or on the image on the right. It will take you approximately 15 minutes to complete the survey. Participation is voluntary, anonymous, and confidential.



You can reach the project and research lead, Alice Mũrage, by filling out this contact form.
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The project is facilitated by Alice Mũrage and Eva Sajoo in partnership with BC Black History Awareness Society and funding from the Government of British Columbia and University of British Columbia (UBC) Community Engagement, Partnership Recognition Fund (PRF) . It also benefits from insights of an Advisory Committee.