An Evening with Adelene da Soul Poet

At this event Adelene performed a number of her favorite poems and spent time after the performance with the audience.  The event took place in the upstairs lounge at the Bent Mast in James Bay, Victoria

About Adelene … She was born in San Francisco and raised in Vancouver, her direct descendants are the first of BC’s black pioneers, who settled on Salt Spring Island and Victoria in the mid-1800s. Her grandmother owned the famous restaurant Vie’s Chicken and Steaks, in Hogan’s Alley that was the meeting place for the neighborhood and any number of Black performers coming to Vancouver in the early 1940s to the late 1970s. She started writing poetry at a young age, grew up in the Motown era; that music is a big influence on her style. She says that her mother told her poetry was healing … and we can all use some of that …. ”