1912: First Black family to settle in the Surrey area

*The Scott family was among the earliest Black families to settle in Surrey in 1912. Henry Houston Scott (b. 1854), his wife Amy (b.1864), and their three youngest children Roy, Jesse and Benola were from Oklahoma. Henry purchased a seven-acre parcel of land along today’s 64 Avenue at 181A Street. The family took up farming. All that remains today are some of the apple trees that still blossom.
* One son, Roy worked at the local lumber mill and for Canadian Pacific Rail (CPR), and Jesse worked as a dairy farmer, oil refinery worker, and he played baseball for the Iocal team.

* Benola, the last surviving family member died in 1971, she was buried with her family in the Surrey Centre Cemetery, at that time the grave was unmarked. A family grave stone was installed in 2018.