October 20, 2018: Toni Boot is elected Mayor of Summerland becoming the first Black Mayor in BC, and Sharmarke Dubow is elected as Victoria City Councillor

Toni Boot first served as a councillor in Summerland, BC (2014-2018). On October 20, 2018 she was elected Mayor, serving for four years.

Sharmarke Dubow is a Somali Canadian politician and human rights advocate. He cast his first vote ever in an election on October 20, 2018 and, in this same municipal election, was elected a City Councillor in Victoria, BC. On February 11, 2022 Dubow was named a “noteworthy historical figure” by Canadian Heritage, as one of the persons who “contribute to the overall wellbeing and prosperity of the country and who help shape Canadian identity and heritage.