Perspectives and Experiences of 2 Visible Minority Police Officers

Officer Davindar Dalep has been a police officer for 20 years; all of his experience has been with the Oak Bay Police Department. He was a volunteer police reserve constable for 4 years with Oak Bay prior to his full time employment. Some of the sections that he has worked in are: School Resource Officer, Community Liaison Officer and Homicide investigations.
Officer Alex Omoding has been a police officer for approximately 8 years. He initially worked with the RCMP and then applied to the Oak Bay Police Department. Alex previously worked in a special unit in plain clothes with police officers from other agencies for approximately 2 years. Alex is currently on general patrol and he is the designated Acting Sergeant in a platoon.

Both officers participate in the Greater Victoria Police Diversity Advisory Committee as Oak Bay department representatives.

Image: Photographer Beth Cruise, ©BC Black History Awareness Society, all rights reserved