Grave marker for Peter and Nancy Lester

Nancy and Peter Lester, with their two sons and one daughter joined the migration to Vancouver Island in 1858. They were both respected and active community members.  In 1890 they celebrated their golden wedding anniversary. Nancy passed away on February 10,1892. Peter Lester was a business man, invested in real-estate, well known and respected by everyone who met him; but after Nancy’s death he returned to the US; we have found no records of his death.

A similar grave marker was erected many years previous for Rebecca Gibbs by the Victoria Black Peoples Society (a forerunner of BCBHAS), in partnership with the Old Cemeteries Society.  Rebecca is considered one of Canada’s first Black female poets; she spent most of her life here in Barkerville. The reverse side of her grave marker cites her most famous poem “The Old Red Shirt” . This is Rebecca’s story.

white standing gravemaker with black lettering
Grave marker for Rebecca Gibbs. One of Canada’s first Black female poets.