City of Victoria commemorates first Black settlers “Fort Victoria Brick Project”

In 1986 the City of Victoria undertook the Fort Victoria Brick Project to commemorate early Victoria pioneers and settlers. A double row of 1000 bricks was laid from 1000 to 1150 Government Street and in Bastion Square.
Black Pioneers that have engraved bricks are: Charles and Nancy Alexander, James and Mary Louisa (nee Lowe) Barnswell , Howard and Hannah Estes, Mifflin Gibbs, Wellington Delany Moses, Nathan and Sarah Pointer, Louis and Silvia Stark, Ringo’s Restaurant,
There are also engraved bricks for: Charles Jr. &Ada Alexander and Kenneth Alexander, grandchildren of Charles and Nancy Alexander. The bricks for Sir James Douglas and Lady Amelia Douglas are also in Bastion Square.
Their stories can be found on our website and at this digital exhibit, designed and developed by BCBHAS and hosted by Digital Museums Canada “Influencing the Vision of Canada

Watch this short video about the bricks in Bastion Square