August 30, 1907: Judge Mifflin Gibbs visits Victoria

Mifflin Wistar Gibbs was a prominent citizen of Victoria, serving as a councillor and co-owned the retail firm of Lester & Gibbs, a general store that was known for outfitting prospectors.  He left Victoria in 1869 and became a municipal judge in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1873. His return visit was reported in the Colonist on August 31, 1907.“Pioneer of Victoria spends day in the city, Judge Gibbs of Little Rock Arkansas, here in the gold rush”.  The article also reports “Mr. Gibbs owned five acres of land at the corner of Michigan and Menzies where he lived and where his five children were born..” This land, now Irving Park, is where the plaque is located honouring Gibbs as a “Person of National Historic Significance.”

Image of Gibbs, U.S. municipal judge, courtesy of Royal BC Museum and Archives