African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Fountain Chapel, Strathcona

The location at the corner of Jackson and Prior Streets in Vancouver originally had a Lutheran Church that was constructed in 1904. The building was purchased in 1918 through the leadership of local resident Nora Hendrix and around 1921 opened as the African Methodist Episcopal Fountain Chapel. It was the spiritual and social heart of the community.
The first minister to serve was Reverend Ulysses S. Robinson, who arrived in Canada in October, 1921 (1888-1947). Reverend Robinson was the longest serving minister. The first Canadian-born minister  was Reverend J. Ivan Moore. While today it is a private residence, it was designated as a Heritage Property by the City of Vancouver in 1994.
*Image: Rev. J. Ivan Moore welcomes Mrs. Robert Crump, her twin sons Robert and Ronald, 12, well-known Vancouver entertainers, and Sandra, 5, to Fountain Chapel. (1952) Photographer H.R. Lovely, Vancouver Daily Province