“A Catalogue of Information and Sources of Information pertaining to Blacks in British Columbia”

The preface:

“This catalogue is the result of a summer project of the Victoria Black People’s Society. The aims of the project were to research existing information in public records pertaining to Blacks in British Columbia, catalogue this information, and publish it in a consolidated form.
The researchers have been as objective as possible and have categorized and summarized all the material located in order to facilitate information retrieval. Complete bibliographic data on all sources cited has been included.  This is an excellent start to something that is long overdue and the completion of this project will long be remembered as our first step.”
Jesse J. Dillard Jr., President, Victoria Black People’s Society
* The “second phase” that Dillard refers to took place in 2017. The Catalogue was “digitized” and is now on this website. Updates are added from time to time.