Pompey Jackson is the oldest person buried at Ross Bay Cemetery?

Pompey Jackson is believed to be the oldest person buried at Ross Bay Cemetery (G42 W18).  On October 3,1873 on page 3 of the British Daily Colonist is a brief notice of his death “Old Jackson, a colored man, aged 111 years, died near the Royal Oak yesterday (October 2, 1873). He was born in Virginia in 1762.

*His death in 1873, age 111 indicates that if he was one of the settlers who arrived in 1858 he would have been about 96 at that time.  Did he come with family and who were they?  Two men, Thomas H. Jackson (Drayman) and Richard Jackson (Gardener) did apply for citizenship in September 1858 but there are no records found that they are related.
*A year before his death there is a civil case reported in the British Colonist dealing with a dispute about the ownership of a cow “Pompey Jackson vs. C. King” giving perhaps some indication that Jackson was farming here.