Make History with Us!

The Society creates, promotes, supports and develops partnerships
* to implement innovative ways for community connections
* to build an inclusive society free of racism and discord
*to keep the contributions and achievements of people of African descent in the spotlight

Here are some of our continuing and planned programs and projects; and check our Events.

  • African Ancestry: Identities and Lived Realities is a research and dialogue project exploring how identity shapes lived realities of Black people of African descent in British Columbia. This project is supported in part with funding from the Government of British Columbia. More
  • Black History at the Royal BC Museum is a partnership between the Society and the Museum to produce an exhibit featuring the role of Black people in the development and life of the province; scheduled to open in August 2021.
  • Black History Curriculum Enhancement is a collaboration of the Society with the Ministry of Education and other groups to increase the presence of Black history and culture in the curriculum for BC schools.
  • British Columbia’s Black Pioneers: Their Industry and Character Influenced the Vision of Canada is a bilingual exhibit, designed and developed by us. It is hosted by Digital Museums Canada. The exhibit opened in December 2020. Visit the exhibit
  • Challenging Racist “British Columbia”: 150 Years and Counting’ is an illustrated booklet, released in February 2021, that ties the histories of racism and resistance to present day anti-racist movements; and dives into the long history of racist policies that have impacted Indigenous, Black and racialized communities in the province over the last 150 years since BC joined Canada. This resource is intended to assist anti-racist educators, teachers, scholars, and policymakers in “piercing the silences that too often have let racism fester in communities, corporations, and governments”. Co-authored by scholars and community activists: Nicholas XEMŦOLTW̱ Claxton, Denise Fong, Fran Morrison (BCBHAS), Christine O’Bonsawin, Maryka Omatsu, John Price, and Sharanjit Kaur Sandhra. Download the booklet
  • Colourful Business is a capacity-building conference and public exhibition to promote Indigenous, racialized and new immigrant businesses and enterprises. It is a partnership among BC Black History Awareness Society, Kulea Culture Society, Songhees Development Corporation and the City of Victoria, Mayor’s Office. [Postponed until large in-person events can resume.]
  • Open Space Victoria is a project being initiated with multi-disciplinary artist Charles Campbell. Charles is the board chair for Open Space Victoria; Jamaica-born, internationally recognized, Victoria-based. The project is expected to use art, performance, cultural workshops and presentations to engage with the public on the past, present and future of Black people in BC.
  • Youth Engagement Program is intended to address knowledge of history and culture among young people and build anti-racist socially inclusive alliances among diverse sectors, using hip hop, graffiti and other contemporary means.
  • Below are examples of past events.

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