Notes on Information Sources Catalogue

  • All the information sources related to the persons, places, events, activities, and issues is evidence-based; presented in a standardized bibliographic format.  The evidence has been sourced from books, articles, manuscripts, newspapers.   Since many archived materials are now online there are some references to specific digital content.
  • In those sections and sub-sections where individuals are listed, there is not an exhaustive biography of the individual, but does include sources that are relevant for the Section in which the information is contained.  This does result in an individual being included in more than one section.
  • The original document is located at the University of Victoria MacPherson Library: Location: Basement Compact Shelving; Call Number: Z1395 EV45
  • The original 11 sections have all been maintained with updates in each section based on the discovery and publication of new materials. In some cases the text has been updated to reflect new findings; in other cases new material is added.
  • Throughout the original catalogue there are numerous citations and references to the book “Go Do Some Great Thing”, based on the first printing in 1978. The book was reprinted in 2008. The author, Crawford Kilian states “New material has surfaced as time has passed, leading to narratives either more detailed or entirely new …” in the information sources we have cited pages, in some materials, from both the 1st and 2nd edition.
  • Availability of Books and Manuscripts: Many of the books and publications are no longer available in print but may be sourced online and through re-sellers.
  • There will continue to be updates as new information and sources are discovered.  This is a work in progress.  If you see an error, please take the time to report it to the Content Manager.
  • Below is the original Cover Page, Preface and Acknowledgements written by the then President of the Victoria Black People’s Society (VBPS), Jesse J. Dillard, Jr. as well as the  Location of Materials guide.











This catalogue is the result of a summer project of the Victoria Black People’s Society.  The aims of the project were to research existing information in public records pertaining to Blacks in British Columbia; to catalogue this information; and to publicize it in a consolidated form.

The researchers have been as objective as possible and have categorized and summarized all the material located in order to facilitate information retrieval.  Complete bibliographic data on all sources cited has been included.

The research was conducted in fifteen weeks, almost entirely in Victoria.  Due to these limitations of time and location, this catalogue represents just the tip of the iceberg and should not be viewed as exhaustive.  Hopefully it will serve as a new impetus for Black people to undertake new work in the field of Black history.  There is a lot more information to be dug out – especially in private sources.  This will lead to the second phase of the project and we will be looking to raise funds in the New Year.

After reading the material, a very clear picture appears.  That picture is the story of the achievements of Black people and the attitudes towards Black people in British Columbia historically.

This is an excellent start to something that is long overdue and the completion of this project will long be remembered as our first step.

Jesse J. Dillard Jr.

President, Victoria Black People’s Society


This project was prepared with the financial assistance of the Department of the Secretary of State Student Community Service Programme and the Victoria Black People’s Society.

We wish to express our thanks to the staff of the Provincial Archives, the Legislative Library and the Vancouver City Archives – especially Brian Young, Joan Pletz and Mary Ann Murphy for their most helpful advice and willing assistance.

A special thanks to Ms. Florence Ogonji who volunteered her time and talent and worked on the project from beginning to end.  There are many members of the Victoria Black People’s Society who are too numerous to be named here but whose help enabled this project to be completed.  We thank you.

We thank Ms. Lynne Marsh of the Victoria Department of the Secretary of State for her help, advice and assistance.

A special thanks goes to the three women who conducted the research on the project – Ms. Joan Allen, Ms. Joan Cooke and Ms. Sandra Stott, who acted as Project Coordinator.


The location of all books, articles and manuscripts is indicated in the first time they appear in the catalogue.  In most cases this occurs in the first two sections – “Blacks in Canada” or “Blacks in British Columbia History”.

The following abbreviations are used:

ICAIntercultural Association, Victoria
LLLegislative Library, Provincial Archives Victoria
PAProvincial Archives of British Columbia, Victoria
UBCUniversity of British Columbia Library, Vancouver
UVUniversity of Victoria Library, Victoria
VANCCity of Vancouver Archives
VPLVictoria Public Library

The following are located in the Provincial Archives in Victoria:

  1. Aural History Tapes
  2. Colonial Correspondence
  3. Individual Vertical Files e.g. Deas, J.S. Files; Stark, Sylvia Files
  4. Picture File
  5. Provincial Archives Documents

The newspaper index referred to in this catalogue is located in the Legislative Library in Victoria.

All newspapers cited are available in the Legislative Library unless otherwise noted.  The following newspapers and abbreviations are used:

Alaska Highway Newspaper–          not abbreviated
Cariboo Sentinel–          not abbreviated
Colonist–          Daily British Colonist, Daily Colonist, Victoria
Chronicle–          Victoria Daily Chronicle, Victoria Weekly Chronicle
Columbian–          British Columbian, Daily British Columbian
Courier–          Kelowna Daily Courier, Kelowna Courier
Evening Bulletin–          Daily Evening Bulletin – San Francisco
Evening Express–          Victoria Daily Evening Express
Gazette–          Victoria Weekly Gazette
Highway News Review–          Not abbreviated
Juan de Fuca News Review–          Not abbreviated
Kamloops Sentinel–          Kamloops Standard Sentinel, Kamloops Daily Sentinel
Ladner Optimist–          Not abbreviated
Mainland Guardian–          Not abbreviated
Monday Magazine–          Not abbreviated, Victoria
Montreal Star–          Not abbreviated
Nanaimo Press–          Nanaimo Daily Free Press
New Westminster Times–          Not abbreviated
News – Advertiser–          Daily News Advertiser – Vancouver
News Herald–          Not abbreviated – Vancouver
News – Herald–          Not abbreviated – Vancouver
Northern Sentinel–          Not abbreviated
Press–          The Press, The Daily Press – Victoria
Province–          Daily Province, Vancouver
Saanich Peninsula and Gulf Islands Review–          Not abbreviated
Saanich Star–          Not abbreviated
Seattle Times–          Not abbreviated
Star–          Vancouver Star, Vancouver Evening Star
Stewart Sentinel–          Not abbreviated
Sun–          Vancouver Sun, Vancouver Morning Sun
Tacoma News Tribune and Sunday Ledger–          Not abbreviated
Terrace Herald–          Not abbreviated
Times–          Victoria Daily Times
Tribune–          B.C. Tribune
Vancouver Newspaper–          This is the name given to newspaper clippings in the ‘Negro File’ at the Vancouver City Archives.  These clippings are date-stamped but unfortunately the Archives did not keep a record as to which Vancouver newspaper the item came from.
Vernon Daily News–          Not abbreviated
The World–          Vancouver Daily World