SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 9th 4 – 7:30pm

Beyond enhancing the opportunity, empowerment, confidence and public speaking skills of youth, African Eloquence Youth Celebration offers the Greater Victoria community a unique cross-cultural experience.

African Eloquence is an important event because it generates self-esteem, self-confidence, eloquence, and leadership skills in the youth of African heritage on Vancouver Island. These are important traits for our future leaders to develop.” –Kade Hardy-Agueh, AHAVI

The African Eloquence Youth Celebration is a cultural outreach event that celebrates the vitality of Africa and promotes higher education among African youth of Greater Victoria. The celebration supports youth of African heritage by helping them realize their full potential while raising awareness of Africa as a continent of rich and varied cultures.

This one-night event features an exhibition of the vibrancy of Africa and includes talents, traditional clothing, artwork, performances and educational presentations. Youth from Vancouver Island middle and high schools will present on various African countries, cultures, and issues thereby building confidence and critical thinking skills.

In particular, the celebration seeks and supports youth who show leadership, community involvement and cultural eloquence. A panel of judges will evaluate the youth based on the quality of the presentations, talents, and responses to the question and answer segment on contemporary cultural issues.

poster with pale sepia background, African figures placed on the sides and top with text in the centre

Date: September 9, 2023
Time: 4:00 – 7:30 pm (PST)
Location: David Lam Auditorium, MacLaurin A144
University of Victoria, 3800 Finnerty Rd, Victoria, BC V8P 5C2
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