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has been given a makeover. You fill find new, expanded, updated resources, articles, reports, and videos for educators, parents, students, families, researchers and you.

* Anti-Racism in BC and Canada: Struggle, Strategy, Resilience
* Black Canadians in the 21st Century
* Test Your Knowledge. Earn a BC Black History Awareness Society Certificate!

* Canadian Organizations devoted to Black History
* Digital Museums, Videos and Documentaries
* Resources for Educators and Parents with an added glossary (African-Canadian, Black, Race, Colonialism, Systemic Racism, Visibility Minority …)
* Slavery in Canada and the Underground Railroad
* UN Decade for People of African Descent 2015-2024

Other Favorites
* Black Pioneers in BC: A Catalogue of Information Sources 1858-1978
* BC’s Black Pioneers: Their Stories
* Places of Interest in BC that recognize and celebrate the achievements of our Pioneers
* Rosie Jones and Joan Cook Memorial Bursary for Camosun College Students

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