BC Black History Awareness Society (BCBHAS)

“A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots” - Marcus Mosiah Garvey Jr.

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This Information Source is the result of two projects; the first in 1978 by the then "Victoria Black People’s Society" which resulted in a 230 page "catalogue' with 11 sections as shown below; with hundreds of references to books, articles, newspapers, images and aural tapes that had been sourced through a number of public archives; the entire document typed on a Smith-Corona typewriter!  

The 2nd project in 2017 was to convert the catalogue into this "online catalogue and information source" and to add new information; the original 11 sections have been maintained.    

The information will be updated as new material is discovered. Please check out the Notes on Information Sources which includes the original Cover Page, Preface and Acknowlegements written by then President Jesse J. Dillard, Jr., and the Location of Materials.

Section I: Blacks in Canada

Books, articles and manuscipts that provide an overview for Canada and context for British Columbia.  

Section II: Blacks in British Columbia's History

Books, articles and manuscripts and slide/tape presentations.

Section III: Population

Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver and Victoria: Official Statistics from Statistics Canada and Unofficial Estimates.

Saltspring Island and Yukon: Unofficial estimates.

Section IV: Education

General Information, Schools and Integration, Teachers - Brief biographical information with references for books, articles, newspapers and digital content.

Section V: Employment and Occupations

General Information

Occupations: For each of the 50 plus occupations included, the names of persons in these occupations is provided with references for books, articles, newspapers and digital content. 

Because of the volume information the content is divided into Part 1 which includes: Athletes, Barbers, Brickmakers, Bricklayers, Businesses, Carpenters, Coalmen, Cooks, Creative Artists, Dressmakers, Dentist, Farmers, Gardeners, Grocers, Hunters, Lawyers.  Part 2 includes: Nurses, Midwives, Ministers, Painters, Plasterers, Policeman, Prospectors/Miners, Municipal Workers, Road Construction Workers, Storeowners, Shopkeepers, Tailors, Teachers, Transportation Workers, Writers/Journalists.

Section VI: Women

Brief biographical information for each woman with references for books, articles, newspapers and digital content.   

Section VII: The Military and Police

Victoria Pioneer Rifles, Armed Forces, Early Black Policeman, Contemporary Policeman (up to 1978).

Section VIII: Politics

Legislative Assembly Elections in Victoria 1860 – 1864, The Saltspring Island Municipal Council 1873 – 1883, Political Organizations.

Politicians:  Brief biographical information for each politician with references for books, articles, newspapers and digital content.   

Section IX: Legal Issues

Civil/Human Rights: Jury Duty, Access to Drinking Establishments, Theatre Segregation, Mining Claims, Immigration, False arrests.

Criminal Cases: Punishable Offenses Committed by Blacks in Victoria 1858 – 1871, Crimes Committed in the Cariboo, Punishable Offenses Committed Against Blacks 1858-1871.

Section X: The Church and Religious Life

Church Segregation 1858 – 1861, Church Segregation 1882.

The African Methodist Episcopal Church.

Religious Life of Black Pioneers in Victoria and Saltspring Island.

Religious Life of Individuals: This section presents brief biographical information for each individual with references for books, articles, newspapers and digital content.

Section XI: Social Activities and Issues

The social activities include social events as well as racial and/or discriminatory issues surrounding these events/activities.