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This Learning Centre is here to assist educators, students and researchers.
The goals of the Learning Centre are:

  • To increase awareness of the historical, economic and social contributions of Blacks in B.C.; and
  • To stimulate and enrich cognitive and emotional development of students by drawing on historical perspectives and everyday experiences; and
  • To identify realities and dispel misperceptions concerning pioneer settlers and contemporary Blacks in B.C.; and
  • To recognize the dimensions of cultural diversity and its impact on the community; and
  • To expand understanding of the role of Blacks as pioneer settlers through an appreciation of the historical images and important contributions they made; and
  • To foster an appreciation of the ongoing contribution that Blacks continue to make today.

The Stories provide biographical content, images and links on specific individuals.

The Teacher-Student-Researcher Resources provides an extensive list of online information for British Columbia, Canada, and the World; including websites, teaching guides, videos and downloadable pdf's, that can provide valuable information and aids for teaching and research.

The Places of Interest Guide provides information and links to sites, parks, and monuments all across BC related to the Black Pioneers.

The Information Sources about Blacks in B.C. focusing on the period from 1858 to 1978, is an extensive searchable catalogue of bibliographic information referencing hundreds of books, articles, manuscripts, and newspapers dating back to the 1850's. The information sources topics include women, education, politics, religion, social issues, legal issues, employment and much more.

Black History Month is in February.  We take this opportunity to provide forums for awareness and understanding, through a variety of events and activities that appeal to a broad audience.  Learn more about the history of Black History Month.

The Society also helps to support students financially, through the Rosie Jones and Joan Cook Memorial Bursary that is administered by Camosun College.